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Applied Info Group Enhances Social Media Sharing Platform, Dynamic Mobile Functionality

Kenilworth, NJ - Applied Info Group has enhanced its Social Media Sharing feature, which allows a mailer to insert "Share to Social" links into an email campaign being sent through our WebOTIS™ email delivery engine. This will enable recipients to share a dynamically generated hosted version of the email with their friends and colleagues on various social networks.

To most effectively communicate with your customers, you will need to interact with them through various mediums. One of the fastest-growing ways of accomplishing this goal is through the power of social media marketing, and our Share to Social feature makes it easier than ever to reach this goal. By using this feature, you will be enabling recipients to promote your brand through word-of-mouth and viral marketing on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, allowing your marketing message to potentially reach more people than ever before. The system will then be able to monitor the click activity that is generated from the socially-shared email campaigns.

We have also implemented Facebook's "Like Button" functionality into our platform, so that you may place a Like button on your email campaign to easily take your social integration to the next level. The classic Email-a-Colleague link has also been grouped with the social network links to integrate all of these tools together in one cohesive package.

If you are using our full-service email platform, just let us know which network(s) you would like your customers to share your email on and we can place the links in your campaign for you. If you are using our self-service platform, it will take just a few clicks in the WebOTIS™ interface to enable the social sharing links on your campaign. Once the campaign has completed, you will be able to view a per-network breakout of the social sharing activity on the email tracking report.

Also of note is the Dynamic Mobile Version functionality available in WebOTIS™. This feature allows you to easily insert a link in your email campaign that enables recipients to view a dynamically-generated mobile-friendly version of the email on their mobile devices, while still giving you the ability to capture the open and click data from the mobile view. You will even be able to track the types of devices on which your campaigns are being viewed.

It is becoming increasingly likely that a large number of people who are receiving your emails will be reading them on a mobile device. Since the introduction of the Dynamic Mobile Version feature, we have observed that the number of recipients clicking on the Mobile Friendly links on email campaigns sent from WebOTIS™ has been steadily rising. Inserting this mobile link is easy, as it requires just a few clicks in the WebOTIS™ interface. Since this mobile version is dynamic, it is automatically updated whenever you make changes to your email in the testing process, and includes the unique tracking elements for each individual recipient that views the email in the browser, allowing you to continue capturing this data even after they have left their email reader behind in favor of their mobile browser. This allows you to potentially increase your response rates across your various email campaigns, as you can now capture this information from a person that you potentially would not have been able to previously.

The Social Media Sharing platform and the Dynamic Mobile Version functionality are two more powerful yet easy-to-use components of the suite of features we continue to provide to you within our WebOTIS™ system, in conjunction with our comprehensive overall approach to servicing your business needs. We hope you continue to explore all the helpful tools available to you across our platform to best achieve your marketing goals.

For more information about Social Media Sharing, or Applied Info Group in general, please visit our Contact Us page.