Client Case Study
Seminar marketer could not manage and measure their email campaigns.

To improve deliverability and response for seminar marketer's email efforts.

• Analyze their email program
• Develop mechanism to accurately remove undeliverables
• Improve creative to be concise and response driven
• Create preference page to manage and offer options
• Provide real-time measurement of campaign results
• Install dynamic personalization to capture respondent information
• Implement analytical profiles on each campaign

Revenue increased, complaints were virtually eliminated, deliverability increased significantly, and tracking and profiling of respondents was implemented.
Applied Information Group - Database and Email Marketing services for the direct marketing industry.
Email Marketing Overview
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From effective deployment to web page hosting and transaction processing, our email delivery services can support your growing business. Our proprietary email delivery tool and database engine coupled with our flexibility to develop sophisticated email applications are surpassed only by our knowledge based service—all working together to complete your campaign quickly.

Our email applications enable you to choose how involved you want to be, whether creating and delivering your own campaigns, or utilizing our full service approach. Unlike an email ASP, you will never be left to 'fend for yourself.' With our combined talents, a truly collaborative environment is created.

No other email service provider (ESP) offers the scope or flexibility of building your email database and using it for interactive email communications. Our database expertise enables us to build dynamic email content and applications. Whether it's developing event triggers, auto filling forms, hosting newsletter forms, creating surveys, or developing dynamic content, it is always the database that drives advanced email applications. Consequently, you can utilize all data elements on your database to develop targeted email programs, profile responses and track who is responding to what campaigns.

None of this is possible without getting the message there. We can maximize deliverability on a domain-by-domain basis. We can deliver to specific domains at different ISPs and different rates to improve deliverability. We also maintain relationships with the top ISPs to ensure that your mail is delivered. We have optimized our tools to deliver at the best speeds for delivery so we do not overload any domain. We deliver directly to the domain which significantly improves deliverability since our emails are perceived as being a standard email that would come from a conventional server. Another benefit to this approach is that we can more easily identify the availability of a particular domain and optimize the retries.