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Applied Info Group Launches Upgraded Automatic Campaign Functionality

Kenilworth, NJ - Applied Info Group has recently upgraded the WebOTIS™ Automatic Campaign feature, an enhancement to our proprietary email delivery engine which allows you to automatically create and deploy an email campaign via an API without any human interaction required.

The Automatic Campaign functionality has been made even more robust in its latest incarnation, as it now allows you to use two API modes, HTTP Post and Javascript/XML, to automatically submit data from your system to WebOTIS™ to create and deploy a standard email campaign. It is the ideal solution for any mailer wishing to automate certain types of email messages, such as newsletters assembled from relevant web content, or transactional messages generated by a website. You would be provided with a set of commands that would allow you to submit any relevant data for your campaign-From and Subject lines, HTML/Text creatives and content blocks, seed lists, target lists, suppression files, etc.-directly from your own system. You can then integrate these commands within your own system to enable it to create campaigns for you. You can even schedule the campaign to blast at a future date/time, just as you would be able to if you were deploying a campaign from inside the WebOTIS™ interface.

You also have the option of having a template stored in WebOTIS™, pre-configured with a content wrapper with variable references to content blocks. You can then use the API to submit these blocks to our Content Library so that they can be plugged in to your template by WebOTIS™ and used on your Automatic Campaign. You can even reference these blocks on an ongoing basis (based on a date range you would specify when submitting the blocks) for any future Automatic Campaigns you may create. As always, you still have the ability to provide just a fully-built creative, HTML or text, that is ready to blast.

Full aggregate and recipient-level tracking are available for all Automated Campaigns, just as they would be for any email campaign created in WebOTIS™.

The Automatic Campaign feature is another enhancement of the powerful suite of features we continue to provide to you within our WebOTIS™ system, in conjunction with our comprehensive overall approach to servicing your business needs. We hope you continue to explore all the helpful tools available to you across our platform to best achieve your marketing goals.

For more information about Automatic Campaigns, or Applied Info Group in general, please visit our Contact Us page.